Research and Studies

Action Plans

Twelve lakes with public accesses within Le Sueur County were evaluated in 2014 and 2015 to determine the potential for AIS introductions and the ecological and recreational consequences.  Lake sediment surveys and water quality data were also collected for all 12 lakes.  The information collected from these studies can help staff with future AIS management decisions.

Le Sueur AIS Summary                                                                            2014 Clear Lake

2015 Lake Emily                                                                                      2015 Lake Volney

2015 Lake Washington                                                                            2015 Sakatah Lake

2015 Lake Tetonka                                                                                  2015 Lake Francis

2015 German Lake                                                                                 2015 Gorman Lake

2015 Greenleaf Lake                                                                              2015 Jefferson Lakes

2015 Rays Lake


Carp Assessments

Le Sueur County will be completing carp assessments in the summer of 2019.  The intent of completing these assessments is to have a better understanding of the total biomass of carp that exist within each lake. Using a model we then can correlate the carp biomass and how it affects water quality. Research has suggested that once the carp biomass is 89 lbs or greater they will have an impact to water quality.  Reports and results will be posted once the carp assessments have been completed!