Research and Studies

Action Plans

Twelve lakes with public accesses within Le Sueur County were evaluated in 2014 and 2015 to determine the potential for AIS introductions and the ecological and recreational consequences.  Lake sediment surveys and water quality data were also collected for all 12 lakes.  The information collected from these studies can help staff with future AIS management decisions.

Le Sueur AIS Summary   

Summary Table of AIS in Action PlansMap of AIS Action Plan Locations

Carp Assessments

Le Sueur County completed carp assessments in the summer of 2019.  The intent of completing these assessments is to have a better understanding of the total biomass of carp that exist within each lake.  

At the time of sampling, the common carp populations present in 9 out of the 11 sites (82%) were estimated to be exceeding the biomass density threshold known to be problematic to water quality (89 lbs/acre). Estimated biomass densities varied from 3-12 times the impact threshold of 89 pounds per acre, with approximately 400,000 individuals estimated to exist between the 11 lakes sampled. 

The next steps for the Le Sueur County is to collect more data and research in order to make future decisions about common carp populations.

To review the 2019 Common Carp Assessment project more in detail, please click on the link below.

2019 Common Carp Assessments Powerpoint

Common Carp caught on Gorman Lake

Common Carp caught on Gorman Lake