Native Vegetation and Shoreland Restorations

Shoreline erosion continues to be a major concern for individuals that live along lakes, rivers, and streams.  Erosion is a natural process, but it has been accelerated due to the numerous high precipitation events the State of Minnesota has seen over recent years.  There are best management practices such as native vegetation plantings, rain gardens, rain barrels, rip rap, buffers, french drains, and reducing impervious surfaces that can be installed on your property to help protect your shoreline, improve water quality, and increase habitat. 

Before you begin your restoration projects, please contact the Environmental Services Department to see if the proposed project will need any permits and if it would be eligible for cost-share.

Additionally, your project(s) may need permits from the Minnesota DNR.  Before starting your project, please contact your local DNR office. 

DNR Contact Information

Ice Ridges/Heaves