Child Care Assistance Program Fund Plan

Administration of the Child Care Assistance Program


Counties and Tribes must submit a biennial Child Care Fund Plan to the Commissioner. Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) rules and laws allow counties and tribes to establish some local policies and procedures. These local policies and procedures, when included in this plan and approved by the Commissioner, are considered county/tribal policy and are used to support Agency decisions during Appeals. The Department of Human Services (state DHS) will review and approve County and Tribal Child Care Fund Plans.

DHS encourages counties and tribes to involve other stakeholders such as: 

Parents, child care providers, culturally specific organizations, child care aware agencies and other collaborative partners and agencies in the development of this plan. This DRAFT 2020-2021 Le Sueur County Child Care Assistance Plan is being made available at this time for public comment and feedback. Please send comments to Debbie Serich, Financial Supervisor at the following email address:

Thank you for your time.