Current Projects

SSTS Low Income Grant (2023)

Le Sueur County was awarded funds to help prevent, reduce, and eliminate pollutants in groundwater and surface water from subsurface sewage treatment systems (SSTS). The low-income grant program assists landowners with the financial costs that are required to design, install, repair, and replace a SSTS on residential property that has been deemed an imminent threat to public health or is failing to protect groundwater.  

Please note two landowners are already working with the Environmental Services Department for this grant and there are no longer any grant funds available for this Fiscal Year 2023.  Le Sueur County may apply for additional funds in the future. 

City of Le Center Municipal Well Sealing (2023)

Le Sueur County in partnership with the City of Le Center was awarded funds to seal an abandoned municipal well, Old Municipal Well #1.  An unused/abandoned well that is not sealed can pose a health, safety, and environmental risk.  The City of Le Center was awarded Source Water Protection Competitive Grants in 2021 to help locate and identify old municipal wells.  This project is building off of existing efforts that the City of Le Center has undertaken for groundwater and drinking water protection.   

The well sealing project is anticipated to be completed by 2023.