Water Monitoring

Groundwater & Well Water Monitoring Program

Le Sueur County’s drinking water is predominately groundwater dependent.  Additionally, the aquifers supply water to not only county residents but also to the metro area.  It is recommended to test your drinking water at least once per year in order to monitor potential contaminants that could be a risk to your health.  

Le Sueur County & Le Sueur Soil & Water Conservation District partnered together to create a water monitoring program for Le Sueur County residents. The goal of the program is to provide resources and education to Le Sueur County residents by testing their well water. As a result, this will increase their awareness of the quality of their drinking water and prevent additional exposure to harmful pollutants.

2018-2021 Groundwater & Well Water Monitoring Plan

Below are maps of water samples taken with their corresponding pollutant and test results for 2019.

2019 Water Sample Map-Nitrate

2019 Water Sample Map-Phosphorus

Le Sueur County is currently able to test for phosphorus and nitrates. Each test is $15. If you are interested in testing your water for phosphorus or nitrates, please contact the Le Sueur County Environmental Services Department at 507-357-8538 or environmentalservices@co.le-sueur.mn.us.

Phosphorus Frequently Asked Questions

Nitrate Frequently Asked Questions

Groundwater Availability Map MN-MPCA

Photo Credit: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  The state of groundwater.