Broadband Initiative Accomplishments

Border-to-Border Grants

MN Border to Border grants announced: $100M to 61 projects in 48 counties reaching 30,000 locations.

MN DEED announced the recipients of Border to Border grants

You can get the full list of recipients by county below. But from the higher level, here are some important things mentioned:

  • Almost $100 million in funding (previous total awards were $130 million)
  • That will reach 30,000 locations in 48 counties through 61 projects
  • They will announce the next round of grants very soon (maybe Dec 19). There is $67.6 million available ($25M in State funding; $42.6M in federal)
  • The line extension grants are available on an ongoing basis
    • More federal funding will be coming. How much will be partially based on what FCC maps say about coverage in Minnesota. It is important that people look at the maps, take the speed texts and report back if their speeds are wrong on the map.
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Before 2020, the Broadband Initiative Task Force had contacted local telecom companies to inquire about their interest in collaborating with us to advance broadband. The COVID-19 outbreak caused an enormous increase in demand for internet connection.  Numerous townships will gain fiber or wireless connection for the first time this year and early in the following year, thanks to CARES Act, funding construction, and several public Wi-Fi sites being established.

Watch the Le Sueur County: the County that CARES about the Broadband video here.