Fixed Wireless Towers

Although not the ideal solution, these fixed wireless services will provide internet service this year to some addresses for the first time. Even though these areas are not being served by fiber to the door, these devices do provide reliable high speed internet.

Currently this is the best solution in these areas because of difficult topography and or soils or fewer residents further spread out making it an expensive build out for providers. 

The towers were existing

Each of these seven cellular towers already existed so that was a great jumping off point and cost savings. NetWave Broadband is the internet service provider working with the county to install this service using CARES Act dollars. Patrons will work with NetWave for service and pricing. 

However, the county is devoting some CARES Act funds to lowering the cost of hookup to the NetWave service for the addresses where there has not been any high speed internet access until now.

The provider has installed a device on the tower which is the fixed point of radio transmission of the wireless signal. The wireless transmitter is backed up by a fiber feed to the tower. At the door of the home or business, the provider works with the homeowner to establish a receiver for the wireless signal. Basically, the receiver needs to “see” the transmitter so these receivers might be found in different locations on each property. 

Location and reach details

*Map information pending installation and activation of service as of 12/1/2020.

Below find information about each tower and it’s reach depicted on a heat map: A data visualization technique showing the magnitude of a phenomenon as color (lime green) in two dimensions. Variation in that color may be by hue or intensity, giving visual cues to the reader about how the phenomenon is clustered or varies over space. So, what you see is the possibility of a signal reaching a geographic area. 

Cleveland Water Tower

Cordova Township

Kasota Township

Le Center Sheriff’s Communications Tower

Montgomery Water Tower

Tyrone Township


Overall Seven Tower Heat Map gives a hint of new coverage