Fiber Installations

New Fiber Installations in 2020

Working with two providers, BevComm and Metronet, the county was able to make tremendous strides by taking advantage of federal CARES Act funding to help pay for a number of improvements with construction set to be completed by December 2020.

Progress is Happening

Almost 49 miles of fiber are being installed this year because of this work. It accounts for passing 330 homes that were completely unserved with internet at the start of 2020. In addition, the fiber installations also serve, in some cases, to shore up critical communications for schools and law enforcement.

Encouraging Neighbors to Work Together to Get Service

Although strides have been made, there are still homes and businesses that are not able to get any internet service or service that is unreliable and slow (underserved). That is where citizens can get involved; by convincing the service provider to install a tributary off a line of fiber.

These new fiber paths run near un- or underserved areas where a number of homes or businesses are closely located. That gives them power with providers to demand service. If a group of neighbors is able to work together, they can convince a provider with nearby fiber to run service to the area for a fee. This way neighbors may be able to fund their own extensions. 

Backbone for the future

Le Sueur County will continue to work with internet service providers to build on networks of existing fiber in the county in the years to come. 

Details of 2020 CARES Act-funded Fiber Installations

Firm details pending construction completion and activation of service as of 12/1/2020.

Waterville Township & City, far southeast corner of county
2.03 miles, passing 35 homes, 31 unserved by broadband

Waterville Township & City, running south and west
1.95 miles, passing 37 homes, 16 unserved

Kilkenny/Montgomery Township Line
5.63 miles, passing 22 homes, 16 unserved, 6 underserved

Cordova Township from Lake Gorman to City of Cleveland
8.17 miles, passing 46 unserved homes

Cordova Township along Lake Gorman to Kilkenny Township
3.94 miles, passing 56 homes, 55 unserved

Sharon Township center to Ottawa Township center
6.45 miles, passing 33 unserved homes

Lexington Township, L-shaped install
5.13 miles, passing 44 homes, 42 unserved

Kasota Township to Ottawa Township with a touch of Cleveland Township
11.87 miles passing 80 homes, 55 unserved

City of Montgomery
3,852 feet, passing 56 served homes to the water tower

Cordova Township to City of Le Center
2.75 miles, passing 11 unserved homes