Birth Certificates

Le Sueur County Recorder’s office can issue certified and non-certified birth certificates for people who were born in Minnesota after 1935.   Any birth certificates prior to 1935 will have to be obtained in the county where the mother’s residence at the time of birth was.  If you were not born in Minnesota, you will need to contact the State in which you were born in.

We accept birth certificate applications via mail, email, or in person.  If you wish to obtain a birth certificate via mail or email you will need to get your signature notarized by a Notary.  If you wish to obtain a birth certificate in person, you will need to bring a valid photo ID with you.  If you do not have a valid photo ID, then you must bring someone who has known you for at least 2 years.  That person must bring a valid photo ID of their own.  

Certified Birth Certificates

A person needs to have tangible Interest in order to obtain another’s certified birth certificate.  See the birth certificate application for the tangible interest options.  

Certified Birth Certificate Application

                  Birth Certificates - $26

                  Additional Birth Certificates at the time of purchase - $19 Each

Non-Certified Birth Certificates

Non-certified birth records are available in our office.  The non-certified application must be completed.

Non-Certified Birth Certificate Application

                Non-certified Birth Certificate - $13

                Additional Non-Certified Birth Certificates at the time of purchase - $6 each

Birth Certificate Amendments

Amending Birth Certificates – If a birth certificate is incorrect, you have up to a year from the time of birth to change it for Free as long as no birth certificates have been issued.  You can contact the hospital or the Minnesota Department of Vital Records to change or add information.  All other corrections will need to be amended thru the Minnesota Department of Vital Records with the required documentation and fees.  

Birth Amendment Packet

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