Document Recording

Document Recording Standards

We always recommend contacting an Attorney for any legal advice and unfortunately our office does not draft legal documents.  For templates of legal documents, you can go to the Minnesota Department of Commerce Website or you can CLICK HERE.

All Documents

  • Should be Dated
  • Signed
  • Notary Acknowledgement
    • Dated
    • Legible Notary seal
    • Notary Signature
    • Notary Commission Expiration Date
    • Names and marital status of signatures being acknowledged, or if it is a corporate acknowledgement, the business name, signors name, and signors title.
  • Complete legal description is given (if no legal description is given, the document will be filed in miscellaneous.)
  • Exhibits are attached (if applicable)
  • Drafting Statement with name and address
  • Filing Fees
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope to return the documents

Additional items for Transfer Documents

  • State deed tax is due.  If the consideration paid is less than $3,000.00, the deed tax due is $1.65.   Anything above $3000.00, the deed tax due is the purchase price multiplied by .0033.  Please note an exemption status clearly on the document if no deed tax is due.
  • An Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (ECRV) is needed if the consideration paid is above $3000.00.  This can be obtained thru the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.  The ECRV must be written on the transfer document.  To obtain an ECRV, CLICK HERE.
  • Tax Statement Address must be listed on the document.
  • Delinquent taxes, must be paid (if any)
  • If it is a split, current taxes must be paid.
  • Well Disclosure Certificate must be submitted if an ECRV is required.  If there are no wells on the property, the transfer document must contain a statement stating this.  We highly recommend E-Well Certificates.  To file an E-well or search for a Well Certificate, CLICK HERE.
  • It is also recommended but not required that a survey be included with the documents.

Additional items for Mortgage Documents

Mortgage Registration Tax (MRT) is due.  The mortgage amount multiplied by .0023 is the MRT due.  Please note an exemption status clearly on the document if no MRT is due.

Additional Items for Plats, Registered Land Surveys, & Common Interest Community Documents

All Plats, Registered Land Surveys (RLS), and Common Interest Communities (CIC) must go through a review process done in house at Le Sueur County.

Please submit the document to our office via email, mail, or in person prior to printing your mylars.   Departments within Le Sueur County will review the document and ensure all requirements are being met.  Le Sueur County Recorder’s office will inform you of any changes or items that need to be dealt with prior to recording.

  • There is a $50 Plat Review Fee.
  • Once given the go ahead, the Le Sueur County Recorder’s office asks that 1 Mylar be printed to be kept in the Recorders office for the records of Le Sueur County.  More mylars may be sent in, which will be signed and returned back to the submitter either by in person pickup, or a self-addressed stamped packaging container must be submitted at the time of recording.
  • All Taxes must be paid prior to recording.
  • Recording Fee for a plat - $56

Additional Items for Torrens Documents

  • Torrens must be noted on the documents or on the cover letter.
  • An Examiners Directive (if applicable)
  • Additional Fees (if applicable) for additional memorials, residue certificates, etc.

Important notes

  • Whiteout is unacceptable on any legal documents
  • Correction documents need new signatures and a new acknowledgement along with a correction statement referencing the document number it is correcting.
  1. Recorder's Office

    Physical Address
    88 S Park Avenue
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