Lake Volney, Lake Gorman, & the Village of Cordova Septic Inventory Project


Le Sueur County has received funding from the Cannon River One Watershed One Plan to conduct a septic system compliance inventory around Volney and Gorman lakes and the Village of Cordova. To learn more about the program, please visit the Cannon River One Watershed One Plan page.

Beginning Phase

Stantec and Le Sueur County staff hosted two community meetings regarding this project. This was an opportunity for residents to learn all about the project and ask any questions they may have.  

The meetings were held on August 24, 2021 and August, 28, 2021. If you were unable to attend the meeting, the powerpoint presentation is located below.

Volney, Gorman, and Cordova Septic System Inventory Project Presentation

Additionally, Le Sueur County held a public hearing on Tuesday, January 25th starting at 9:10am.  The purpose of the public hearing was to have the public provide input about the proposed Volney, Gorman, Cordova Septic Inventory.  The project would also include how to enforce septic compliance in the future after the septic inventory is completed.  The board voted to require No Constant State of Compliance after the Volney, Gorman, Cordova SSTS Inventory is completed.  The ordinance was adopted and effective on Tuesday January 25th 2022.

Middle Phase

Stantec worked with Le Sueur County to determine SSTS compliance within the project area. Then Stantec completed compliance inspections for those properties that were required to have a compliance inspection due to dated records or no records present.  Once the compliance inspections were complete, Stantec developed compliance inspections reports to send out to each property owner.

Final Phase

Le Sueur County will be sent out letters to each property owner to notify them if their system is considered compliant or noncompliant.  A final report was developed by Stantec to discuss in further detail their findings and results of of the project.  The final report is located under additional resources on this webpage.

Noncompliant systems that are considered an Imminent Threat to Public Health (ITPH) will have 10 months to update their system.  Noncompliant systems that are considered Failing to Protect Groundwater will have 5 years to update their system. 

Le Sueur County hosted an informational meeting on Saturday, December 3rd from 10am to 11am to go over the final report that is developed by Stantec.  Additionally, the meeting mentioned details on how to move forward with next steps in regards to updating noncompliant septic systems.  Letters were sent out to landowners to notify them of the meeting.  The meeting presentation is located below.

Volney, Gorman, and Village of Cordova Septic System Inventory Project Final Findings Meeting

Additionally, Le Sueur County has recorded the information meeting and shared the recording in three separate parts.  

  • The first recording is the introduction to the project, identifying partners, where the funding for the project comes from, and lastly identifying how this project will improve water quality.
  • The second recording is a presentation by Stantec Consulting Service Inc.  Stantec was hired to complete the project for Le Sueur County.  In this recording, the final findings and final report are shared.
  • The third and final recording is a presentation that discusses next steps on what to do if your system is found noncompliant.  County staff discuss briefly the permitting process, fees, and potential financial options to assist with upgrading your septic system.