About the Sheriff


Le Sueur County Sheriff Brett V.P. Mason

In April of 2017 Brett V.P. Mason was appointed as Le Sueur County Sheriff making him the 25th Sheriff to represent Le Sueur County. In 2019, Sheriff Brett Mason was elected for a four-year term by the citizens of Le Sueur County and again re-elected in 2022.

Message from the Sheriff

Welcome to Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office!

It is our pleasure to serve the residents of Le Sueur County. We want to be available and responsive to your needs. We hope this website will provide you with valuable information and answers to some of your questions. If you are not able to locate something you are looking for or if you have any questions or comments; please call our office at 507-357-4440 and ask for assistance.

We strive to work together with other law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and provide safe communities in which we work and live. If you ever notice any suspicious behavior or have any concerns be sure to call. By working together, we improve the safety of our communities!

Thank you for your trust and confidence as we strive to provide excellent service. Let me know if you ever have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Be safe and continue to take care,

Brett V.P. Mason
Le Sueur County Sheriff