Le Sueur County Patrol Division is comprised of 3 Patrol Sergeants and 15 licensed full-time Patrol Deputies. Our Deputies are responsible for providing law enforcement services to 14 townships and 9 cities that cover 474 square miles and has a current population of approximately 28,841 people.

The Patrol Deputies respond to calls for assistance, act as a deterrent to crime, enforce state, local, and when authorized or empowered by agreement of statute, federal laws, and respond to emergencies 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Patrol Sergeant Joe
Patrol Sergeant Dan
Patrol Sergeant Todd

Boat and Water Patrol

The Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office Boat and Water Patrol and Enforcement Division focuses on patrolling Le Sueur County's many lakes and the Minnesota River. Our Water Patrol Unit consists of 2 full time licensed deputies. The Water Patrol Unit has access to 5 boats which allows deputies to access all the lakes in various conditions and activities as needed to ensure safety on the water. 

Our Boat and Water Patrol Deputies also maintain a close working relationship with the Lake Associations and Resorts in Le Sueur County. We complete boat inspections, provide community engagements where we educate the public on boat and water safety along with Aquatic and Invasive Species. 

Temporary Structure Permit

In order to obtain a temporary structure permit please contact Water Patrol Deputy Jim Staupe.

Water Patrol Deputy Jim

Search and Recovery Dive Team

The Search and Recovery Dive Team provides the County of Le Sueur with surface and underwater rescue and recovery. Our team currently consists of 8 divers who are certified in search and rescue/recovery in open water as well as ice dives.