Le Sueur County Recycling Drop-Off Sites                                                                                          

Le Sueur County Recycling Drop-515 South Maple Ave, Le Center (Le Sueur County Highway Shop – Le Center)   

1199 Dodd Rd, Cleveland (Le Sueur County Highway Shop- Cleveland)

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week                                                                 

Accepted Recyclable Material: plastic bottles & containers (#’s 1,2,5), food & beverage cans, paper, flattened cardboard & paperboard, glass bottles & containers

What can I recycle at the recycling drop-off sites?

What can I NOT recycle at the recycling drop-off sites?

Recycling – General Do’s and Don’ts – what can be recycled and what should NOT be recycled

TV and Appliance Recycling                                                                                            

Recycle your TV or appliance at Green Tech Recycling.  Green Tech Recycling is located at 205 W. Spring St, Mankato and is open Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.  

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