Do I need to make an appointment in order to pick up my permit?

Yes, you should make an appointment to pick up your permit.  This gives staff enough time to get your permit ready, and make sure there is staff available to issue your permit.  Please contact the office at 507-357-8538 to set up an appointment.

Can my contractor pick up my permit?

Yes, your contractor may pick up your permit.  Before any work begins, double check with contractor that the permit has been approved and was picked up.

Do I need a permit in order to put new shingles on my house, put new siding on my house, or install a new window?

If you are not changing the structure of your dwelling, then no you do not need a permit for new shingles, new siding, or a new window.  Le Sueur County currently does not enforce building code.  

If you changing any part of the structure of the dwelling, then a permit would be required.   This may occur after you have already started your project.  If you find out that the structure needs to be altered during project construction, please contact our office immediately.

Where do I find the permit I need to apply for online?

For zoning permits (building and septic), land alteration permits, and administrative special use permits, please visit the following webpage: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/682/Permit-Forms-Fees.

For conditional use permits and interim use permits, please visit the planning commission webpage at: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/355/Planning-Commission.

For variances, please visit the board of adjustment webpage: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/342/Board-of-Adjustment.

Where do I find the Le Sueur County Zoning Ordinance?

The Le Sueur County Zoning Ordinance can be found on the Le Sueur County Zoning Ordinance webpage at: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/671/Le-Sueur-County-Zoning-Ordinance.

What Zoning District am I located in?

You can view your zoning district on beacon at the following website: https://beacon.schneidercorp.com/Application.aspx?AppID=248&LayerID=3190&PageTypeID=2&PageID=1710.  Once you are on beacon, please type the address of the property in the address search option and click on search.  Then go to the top of the page and click on map.  You will then be directed to an aerial image of the property.  From there, go to the left hand side and click on the zoning district option.  If you click on the property, the zoning district will appear in a dialogue box.

How much does it cost to apply for a permit?

It depends on the type of permit that you apply for and what you are building.  To view our fees, please visit the following page on our website: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/682/Permit-Forms-Fees.  

What type of payment is accepted when paying for a permit?

At this time, our office only accepts cash or check.  Additionally, we do not have any change if you are paying with cash.

Where can I find a state licensed septic contractor?

Please visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Licensed Business search webpage at: webapp.pca.state.mn.us/ssts/business-search.   

 Do I need a permit to remove a tree located within the shoreland district?

Yes, a land alteration permit is required before removing a tree within shoreland.  Please visit the shoreland alterations vegetation webpage: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/247/Shoreland-Alterations-Vegetation to learn more.  If you have any additional questions about tree removal, please contact our office at 507-357-8538.

Where can I properly dispose of items such as scrap metal, tires, appliances, electronics, paints, pesticides, and so forth?  

Please visit our Solid Waste Program webpage to learn more: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/287/Solid-Waste-Program.  If you have any additional questions, please contact our office at 507-357-8538.

What can I do if I have shoreline erosion?

There are many different options to address your shoreline erosion issues.  Depending on the location, the physical features, and land use activities on your property as well as your goals as a landowner will determine what practice(s) can be installed. Please visit the shoreland program webpage to learn more: https://www.co.le-sueur.mn.us/495/Shoreland.  We also recommend that you contact our office to discuss in more detail about your shoreline erosion issues.   Our main office number is 507-357-8538.

Where can a find a surveyor?

The Planning and Zoning Department has developed a list of surveyors that have worked in Le Sueur County.  This list is not inclusive.  

Where can I find out if my contractor is licensed and/or has their certifications?

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has a database where members of the public can view whether a contractor has their licenses and certifications.  To view the database, please visit the following webpage: https://www.dli.mn.gov/license-and-registration-lookup.