Purple Loosestrife Management & Control

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Managing Purple Loosestrife species, Lythrum salicaria & Lythrum virgatum, has been around since 1987 in Minnesota and efforts have been quite effective and successful.  Unfortunately, Minnesota has seen an increase in Purple Loosestrife presence recently, and would like to ramp up management and control efforts again!

Biocontrol is the primary method that is used to manage Purple Loosestrife.  The two loosestrife beetles that are utilized to control Purple Loosestrife include: Golden Loosestrife Beetle (Galerucella pusilla) and Black-Margined Loosestrife Beetle (Galerucella calmariensis).  These beetles effect growth and reproduction of Purple Loosestrife plants by devouring the leaves and new shoot growth.  Both are similar in their life history and ecology.  Adult beetles can travel long distances from where they are released (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 2023). 

 Le Sueur County existing Purple Loosestrife populations and would like to be proactive in managing these species!  The County and DNR are working together to develop a plan on how to manage Purple Loosestrife populations in Le Sueur County.   The County is currently being active in managing and controlling  purple loosestrife.  Le Sueur County will continue management efforts in subsequent years.  


Check out an article below that was written by Brooke Sonnek, Extension Intern, about the Purple Loosestrife Management work within the County.  

Backyard biocontrol: combating purple loosestrife