Decision-Making Groups & Collaborative Staff

  1. Joint Powers Board
  2. Planning & Steering Committee
  3. Community Resiliency Team
  4. Community Workgroups
  5. Collaborative Coordinator
  6. Community Service Aide

Joint Powers Board

Legal and revenue authority of the Collaborative is exercised by the Collaborative Governing Board.

  • Chairperson: Kevin Babcock, District Superintendent of Tri-City United Schools
  • Vice-chairperson: Jamie Hayes, Agency Director of Le Sueur County Human Services
  • Board Member: Brian Phillips, District Superintendent of Cleveland Schools
  • Board Member: Jennifer McMahon, District Supervisor of Minnesota Department of Corrections for Le Sueur County
  • Board Member: Tiffany Vanden Einde, Family Resource Coordinator for Minnesota Valley Action Council
  • Board Member: Megan Kirby, Agency Director of Le Sueur County Public Health
  • Board Member: Jim Wagner, District Superintendent of Le Sueur-Henderson Schools
  • Board Member: John Regan, District Superintendent of Waterville-Elysian-Morristown Schools
  • Board Member: Joe Martin, Le Sueur County Administrator
  • Newly Appointed Board Member: Jonathan Beulke, Chief Financial Officer of Inspire Services, LLC
  • Newly Appointed Board Member: Angela Sticha, Executive Administrator of Duck Cup Memorial Fund
  • Board Member: Currently accepting applications for At-Large member to join our board! Eligible applicants are parents or youth residing in Le Sueur County, preference for candidates with personal experience with mental illness or adverse childhood experiences in their household.