How do I apply?

Final LOGO - NO ENGLISH (2)You may apply:

  • Electronically: for cash/food/emergency/childcare assistance
  • Electronically: for health care
  • Fax: you can fax your completed application to Le Sueur County Department of Human Services (DHS) - Attention Financial Intake at 507-357-6122
  • In person at our office at:
    88 S Park Avenue
    LeCenter, MN 56057
  • Mail: call 507-357-8288 and ask our receptionist to mail you an application

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1. How do I apply?
2. Do I have to apply in person?
3. How long will it take before I am approved?
4. What date will my benefits start?
5. How are benefits issued?
6. Do you think someone may be collecting benefits fraudulently?
7. What healthcare costs does Medical Assistance cover?
8. Do you use gross income or net income in determining program eligibility?
9. When will my benefits be on my EBT Card?
10. How do I get a new EBT card?
11. How do I find other program resources to help me in my community?