Is my house okay?

Apartments, town homes, single-family homes - all are appropriate locations for foster care or adopted children. Some foster children can share a bedroom with a same gender child close in age. They need to have their own beds; some need their own rooms. Most kids come with few possessions, but will need a dresser drawer and a bit of closet space. If they come to you without adequate clothing for the season, the children's social worker will assist in obtaining extra funds. 

We do not pay for any alterations needed to your house to meet safety and fire codes, but most homes need few if any changes. Our staff will discuss any housing concerns with you before you make any commitment.

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1. Can we afford to take in a child?
2. Is my house okay?
3. Where do the kids come from?
4. What are their needs?
5. Where do they go?
6. Is this for me (for us)?