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Bradshaw Woods Park

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Le Sueur County Snowmobile Trails Association (PDF)


  1. Archery Range
  2. Picnic Tables

Bradshaw Woods is a 29 acre wooded park located on the southwest corner of Le Center near the fairgrounds. The park is full of native big woods trees including Basswood, Elm, Maple, and more. Within the woods you can find nearly a half mile trail loop and park benches. If you are looking for a quick getaway to explore the quiet and native woods, this is the perfect park. The park is especially popular in the fall months with the changing leaves and colors.

Archery Range

Bradshaw Woods features an archery range that has 4 targets.  Each target can be shot at from 10, 20, 30, or 40 yards. The archery range is located on the Southeast corner of the park.  Parking is located in the Southwest corner of the fairgrounds or along the south part of the fairground road. 

Shooting Hours: Sunrise to sunset
All ranges must be clear of people before shooting
Only Shoot at designated targets
Only shoot from designated ground markers
Always be aware of target and what is beyond each target
Always keep bow pointed towards target
Always draw bow with arrow parallel to the ground
Only nock arrows at the shooting line
Broadheads are not allowed, target or field tips only
All archers retrieve arrows at the same time when range is clear


To access the park, you can park along the fairgrounds road and walk in or conveniently access it from walking the City of Le Center sidewalks. Please do not operate any motorized vehicles within the park, with the exception being snowmobiles that must stay on the trail marked by the Le Sueur County Snowmobile Trails Association (PDF).