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Lake Jefferson Fishing Pier

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Lake Jefferson Fishing Pier is located on the south side of West Jefferson Lake. The park is predominately used for fishing and has:
  • 2 Picnic Tables
  • 3 Benches on a Paved Sidewalk Along Shore
  • A 45 Foot Long Floating Fishing Pier
  • 600 Feet of Shoreline
  • A Porta-Potty

The fishing pier is a popular spot amongst anglers looking to catch panfish. The park can also be used as a launch point for canoes and kayaks.


To access Lake Jefferson Fishing Pier, there is a parking lot located on the south side of County Road 105. You can then walk through a large culvert that is 6.5 feet tall that runs under the road to reach the fishing pier. Please do not park along the road or the shoulder, or walk across the road. The parking lot, culvert, and pier is all handicap accessible.