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Lake Volney Park

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Lake Volney Park is located on the south side of Lake Volney in Kilkenny Township. The park is three acres and features almost 600 feet of shoreline with an access path to the sandy bottom lake just beyond the restored shoreline of wildflowers. There is a 3,000 square foot sand play area located just off of the lake shore. Within the park is a 32 feet by 60 feet sand volleyball court with a net height of 7 feet 4 inches, three picnic tables, and one acre of mowed grass for recreation. This park provides the perfect location for a day of playing or relaxing outside, enjoying a lake, playing in the sand, or having a picnic.

Ramp & Parking

Located on the east side of the park is a Department of Natural Resources Boat Ramp that has a concrete ramp, dock, and porta-potty. On the south side of the park is a large concrete parking lot that has enough spaces for up to 12 cars for park day users and 14 vehicles/trailers. There is also a handicap parking spot located at the ramp for a vehicle and trailer.