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Ray's Lake Park

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Ray's Lake Park is located in Elysian on the west side of Ray's Lake. This beautiful park overlooks Ray's Lake to the east while featuring several areas of native willow and cedar trees, prairie, and mowed trails without the park. The park is 9.5 acres and consists of: 

  • 0.75 miles of mowed grass trails
  • 1 acre of mowed grass for recreation play
  • 1.25 acres of trees
  • 3,000 feet of shoreline on Ray's Lake

The remaining park land is planted in native grasses, wildflowers, and pollinator habitat.


The park is a very popular spot amongst local shorefisherman for a variety of Panfish, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike. There is a 30 foot long floating fishing pier that allows you to get off of shore, in addition to the shorefishing provided within the park. While there is not a launch point located within the park, Le Sueur County owns a public landing that is located less than a quarter mile south of the park on County Road 11. The public landing also provides a large area of shorefishing on the lake.

 Additional Amenities

Additional amenities within Ray's Lake Park include:

  • Gravel Parking Lot
  • A Paved Road
  • A Picnic Table That Is Located Within the Cedar Trees on the Hill
  • A Seasonal Porta-Potty
  • A Small 30 Feet Long Sand Beach